advices or advise, free advice

Most of the time, we see peoples giving advice and suggestions to the opposite peoples. I suggest you stop this from now onward if you are not;

a person at the advisor level.
a successful person.
a person with a reputable profession.
a person who has many followers.
a person whom many are listened to wishfully.
a person who invited on occasions.
a person earned lots of money/clapping.
a person of a higher level of authority.
a person with a high salary.

Why I am suggesting this..?? It’s because it’s not worth it at all conditions.
More of the time, some persons used to suggest anyone in front of us. But, most of the time, peoples don’t care for suggestions given by that person who has not his own achievement records. Peoples mainly follow the high class and respectful peoples for any suggestions.

Once upon a time, my uncle asked me about advising the best courses after the 10th. I advised taking Computer Science Engineer because according to my experience it’s blooming like any other branches of engineering. Note: At that time, I was unemployed. I was just cleared of Mechanical engineering.

The next day, he asked his brother-in-law about the course, he told electrical engineering will be a good option.

Can you guess, whose advice my uncle has followed and taken into grant? It’s the advice of his brother-in-law. His Brother-in-law was an Electrical engineer working in the government sector.

Now, you can imagine how it feels when someone just takes advise from you and keep agreeing. But, after someday, he simply drops your advice. Don’t you think, he dropped your prestige?? For me, yes he dropped my prestige, my attitude, and my emotions.

From that time, I realized no one walks or follow your paths until you have walked on that path. No one cares about your advice and suggestions until you have your name, fame, money, and market in family and in society.

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