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Why Salary of Engineers In Nepal Is Frustrating Shit Below NRs 20K? Because .?

salary of engineers in nepal

1. Salary of Engineers In Nepal – Civil Engineers

Nepal is a developing country. On a regular basis, new projects are coming for implementation. Hence, there is a huge demand for civil engineers. High vacancies in government jobs say around 300 seats per year.

Salary range:

Project Managers: Rs 1.5 – 2 lakhs per month

Site Engineer: 15k-25k (Inside City) for Fresher

Site Engineer: 25k-35k (Outside City) for Fresher

Site Engineer: 35k-45k (Inside City) for 2-3 years experience

Site Engineer: 45k-65k (Outside City) for 2-3 year experience

Design Engineer: 20k-30k for fresher

Design Engineer: 35k-70k for 2-3 year experience

2.Salary of Engineers In Nepal – Computer Science Engineering

Project Managers: Rs 1- 1.2 lakhs per month

Almost 80% of the engineering college has a computer and information technology course. Since businesses are changing to online platforms, the demand for Computer Science Engineering has kept on increasing in the market. Projects from foreign countries are coming day by day in Nepal. Engineering graduates with knowledge of C, C++, Java, PHP, My SQL, database, ethical hacking, webpage developer, android App developer are in high demand. Low vacancy in government job say around 10 seats per year.

Salary range:

Fresher Engineer: 20k

1 year above experience: 40k above

3. Electrical Engineering

Project Managers: Rs 1.2 – 1.5 lakhs per month

In Nepal, Companies like Infra tech, Continental, Hulas Wire, Surya Nepal, Jagdamba cement and motors, Butwal Power Company, Neaec companies publishes many vacancies for electrical engineers. But the main problem is that they ask for candidates with a minimum of 2 years of experience. Medium vacancies in government jobs say around 15 seats per year.

Salary range:

Site Engineer:15k-25k for fresher

Site Engineer:25k-45k for 1-2years experience

Design Engineer:20k-25k for fresher

Design Engineer:40k-70k for 2-3 years experience


Salary of Engineers In Nepal– Royal Mechanical Engineering

Project and Regional Managers: Rs 1 – 2 lakhs per month

Nepal is a trading country rather than a manufacturing country. Most of the business relies on importing and selling products. In Nepal, there are few manufacturing companies such as Hulas Steel Industries, Wire Industries, Cigarette, and Cements Industries. The salary range is very panic.

Automobile Sector companies: Sipradi, MAW, Batas, Continental, CG Motocorp, NGM Hero, Bajaj, Jagdamba motors, Laxmi Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jeep, MV Dugar. These automobile companies hire mechanical engineers for their workshop management. Medium vacancies in government jobs says around 15 seats per year.

Salary range:

Industrial Sector Fresher: 20-30k

Industrial Sector 1 year above Experience:25-35k above

Industrial Sector 2 year above Experience:35k above

Automobile Sector: 12k-18k for freshers

Automobile Sector: 25k-35k for 1-year experience

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