Rich Dad Poor Dad is such an interesting book that opens anyone’s narrow mind completely. This book shows clear images of two dads thinking. The author of this book, “Robert T Kiyosaki” has talked about both rich and poor dads thinking.

The author has mentioned that his father was very educated and he has a good job. His father used to say him to go to school and get good grades so that you will get a good job after completing education. Your life will become secure.

On the other hand, the author used to see his friend’s father, who was rich enough has never told his friend to get good grades; you will have to do a good job. His friend’s rich father was saying only one thing to his son that he will have to become financially strong for a lifetime.

His friend’s rich dad was simply suggesting his son that get an average grade. But, keep learning the skills and knowledge that can help you in becoming financially strong and literate after graduation.

The rich dad was teaching his son that a rich person can buy anything he wishes and can help anyone, but a poor can’t. His rich dad teaches his son that money can give freedom to live a happy life.

Let’s read these two different words of two separate dads.

Poor Dad Says to his child:
Go to school get grades
Get a safe, secure job.
Work hard and save.
Work for money.
Payout your credit first.
Save money for shopping for bargains.
Don’t buy anything you can’t afford.
Investing is risky.
Your house is an asset.
The rich are greedy.
Money is a necessary evil.

Rich Dad Says to his child:
Become finally literate.
Build businesses.
Don’t save, invest.
Let money work for you.
Pay yourself first.
Make money by shopping for investments that will go up in value.
Ask yourself how you can afford it.
Although investing is risky, invest cleverly.
Your house is a liability.
The rich are generous.

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