Key Skills of mechanical engineer

The Key Skills Required For Any Mechanical Engineers Are Discussed In Detail.

Mechanical Engineers should have at least basic skills that play a vital role in career setup. Mechanical engineers are basically known for designing, building, and testing mechanical devices such as tools, systems, engines, and machines. Mechanical Engineering is also famous as the broadest engineering discipline in the world and also famous as the mother of all engineering branches.  A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is typically required. Many mechanical engineers also have a master’s degree or a higher degree (such as a Ph.D.) in mechanical engineering.

Information No. 1:

Let me first tell you where the demand for mechanical engineers is. So, these are few sectors where there are mechanical engineering demands. They are:

  • Civil Service
  • Armed Forces
  • Engineering workshops, Transportation Industries, Manufacturing Plants, Construction, and Product process companies.
  • Research and Development Sector
  • Daily Utilities Manufacturing Companies

In the case of experienced mechanical engineers, there is the scope of establishing new design, fabrication, and project commissioning and execution consultancy.

Information No. 2

The second important information is that your degree should be from a good reputed college/university with an overall high percentage for entering into any private company as a fresher. A good percentage is considered between 65% & 75%.

For Civil Service, 55% and above are sufficient for most of the exam eligibility.

If your family’s financial conditions are not strong, I would highly suggest focusing on building skills mentioned below in order to get a job just after graduation.

Getting an off-campus job is very hectic and panic. It needs very high efforts and travels. So, study regularly and get involved in mechanical designing groups and racing car making groups. This will give you huge exposure to the company environment and build confidence inside you.

Information No. 3

Key Skills Required for Any Mechanical Engineer is as follows:

  1. Design Skills

Mechanical engineers should be fluent in reading drafting and using 2D & 3D Softwares Such as AutoCAD, Catia, Creo, Solid Works, Ansys, CNC Programming.

  • Convert Basic Design Information and Requirements into Working Drawings
  • Clearly Explain Design Ideas
  • Create Blueprints Using CAD (Computer-Aided Design)
  • Design Mechanical Device Projects
  • Use Notes, Sketches, and Verbal Instructions to Complete Project Design
  • Use Software to Design Within Industry and Government Standards
  • Drafting Standards and Geometric, Dimension, & Tolerance (GD&T) Understand Diagrams, Drafts, Flow-Charts, and Other Information and Documentation.
  • Develop Design Calculations
  • Write and Maintain Operating Procedures and Standards
  • Develop and Test Prototypes

Industries that need to be a focus during 2020 are HVAC designing, Pipe and Plumbing, Boilers Technology, Machine Learning & Data Science, etc.

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  1. Interpersonal Skills

Good communication skills, Ability to Work Under Pressure, Honest, Confident, Friendly, Collaborative, Team working

  1. Project Management Skills
  • Oversee Project Manufacturing Process
  • To Complete Assigned Tasks within Time and Cost Restraints
  • Test Building Materials
  • To assist with Shipping of Equipment Prior to Deployment
  • To Analyze Test Results and Adjust Design if Needed
  • Provide Cost Estimates for Materials, Equipment, and Lab
  • Perform Equipment and System Calculations
  • Proactive and Willing to Take on New Challenges
  • Troubleshoot Equipment to Solve Problems
  1. Safety Skills

  • Make Regular Site Visits
  • Manage and Monitor Each Stage of Project
  • Ensure Designs Meet Legal Guidelines and Safety Requirements

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  1. Additional Important Skills

  • Comfortable Writing Technical Reports
  • Communication
  • Computer Skills
  • Sound Knowledge of Engineering Fundamentals
  • Strong Presenter
  • Work to Improve and Maintain Existing Products
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Detail Oriented
  • Mechanical Skills
  • Microsoft Office Suite Experience
  1. Licensed Skills

Mechanical engineers should have particular excellent skills, including a depth understanding of industry standards, and comfort working with computers and software, because much of the time is spent in designing, simulating, and testing.


  • Certified Autocad/Solid Works, Catia, etc Expert
  • Certified Evaluation & Testing Expert
  • Certified HVAC Expert
  • Certified Automotive Design & Simulation Expert

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