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How to Apply for TU/ IOE Affiliated College After Getting Rank in IOE Entrance Exam?

Many of the entrance appearing students do get a good IOE Entrance rank in IOE Entrance Exam but, then are unknown about the application procedure for IOE constituent colleges and TU/ IOE Affiliated Colleges. The admission procedure is not easy in IOE affiliated colleges and also the selection basis is not as simple as in other colleges. So, this article is for you, understand how to apply for your dream IOE affiliated college after getting IOE Entrance rank in IOE entrance exam.


IOE, short for Institute of Engineering is a governing aspect of Engineering Studies and one of the institutes under Tribhuvan University. Again under Institute of Engineering, there are four IOE constituent government colleges and ten private i.e. IOE Affiliated Colleges, which follow the same course as of IOE. The chances of getting admission in these colleges is based on student’s IOE Entrance Ranks they get in the IOE Entrance Exams.

Among these colleges, Pulchowk Campus is the central college of the Institute of Engineering. All of these colleges provide Bachelor’s degree courses in the field of Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Architecture, and Computer Engineering. Firstly to enter into IOE, you have to pass the entrance examination conducted by IOE i.e. the IOE Entrance Exam. If you pass the exams well, then you can apply for TU affiliated colleges on the basis of your IOE rank.


The very first thing is the Entrance Application form for IOE Entrance Exam, which is mainly for the IOE rank for you to be enrolled in your desired course. But in this application form, you cannot choose the BE course you want to apply for.

After IOE entrance results and getting the IOE Entrance Rank, only then can you choose your B.E course in Admission Application form of the IOE Affiliated Colleges and IOE Constituent Campuses.

Eligibility Criteria for IOE Entrance Exams

Education: +2/ A Level/ Diploma in Engineering with Physics, Chemistry and Maths (or Extra Maths with Biology)

Score: minimum 45% or ‘C’ above Grade in all subjects

The examination center for the IOE Entrance Exam is ICTC building Pulchowk, Kathmandu.

The registration charge is NRs. 2000.

The result of IOE Entrance Exam is published between 3-4 days after completion of computer based examination of all the applicants. IOE Entrance Ranks become clear after results are published. The result publishes only the name of those students who have passed the IOE Entrance Exams.

Subject, Marks Distribution and Questions in IOE Entrance Exams

SN Subject Marks Duration No. of Questions Questions of 1 Mark Questions of 2 Marks
1 English 22 2 hours 18 14 x 1 = 14 4 x 2 = 8
2 Chemistry 20 16 12 x 1 = 12 4 x 2 = 8
3 Physics 40 25 10 x 1 = 10 15 x 2 = 30
4 Mathematics 40 25 10 x 1 = 10 15 x 2 = 30
5 Engineering Aptitude 18 16 14 x 1 = 14 2 x 2 = 4
Total   140 2 hours 100 60 x 1 = 60 40 x 2 = 80


Within 3-4 days after the completion of IOE Entrance Exam, IOE result is published and along with it, IOE Entrance Rank is also published.

Being passed in IOE Entrance Exams doesn’t at all guarantee that you will be able to join your desired course in IOE constituent colleges and TU affiliated colleges. It’s because your IOE Entrance Rank plays very critical role for you Admission procedure.

IOE Pulchowk Campus, the central college of IOE has 432 seats. But securing IOE Entrance Rank within 432 doesn’t mean that you are able to admit in Pulchowk Campus in your desired course (B.E Course). Students with IOE Entrance Rank greater than 432 may have chances of getting admission into IOE Affiliated Colleges but those with IOE Entrance Rank within 432 are also unlikely to get into their desired course.

The IOE Merit List and the competition trend highly affects the student’s chances of getting into their dream IOE Affiliated Colleges and enrolling in their desired B.E course. Girls are prioritized despite of their low IOE Entrance Ranks according to the reserved 10% seats in every section and every course.

IOE Merit List refers to the ranking i.e. IOE Entrance Ranks in the IOE Entrance Results. It directly affects getting admission into your desired IOE Affiliated College and enrolling in the B.E Course you want. The B.E Course priority that you mention in your admission form also affects getting admission in the desired course. This B.E course priority means the list of B.E Courses you choose while filling up the College Admission Form.


IOE has four constituent colleges and are called as IOE Constituent Colleges or Institution. They are:

  1. Central Campus, Pulchowk
  2. Western Region Campus
  3. Eastern Region Campus
  4. Thapathali Campus


The number of seats in different B.E Courses in these Colleges are shown below. Regular means those having scholarship and Paying means for those who do not have scholarship and pay fees for admission in these IOE Constituent Colleges.


Similarly, there are ten IOE/ TU Affiliated Colleges. They are:
  1. Kantipur Engineering College, Dhapakhel,Lalitpur
  2. Kathmandu Engineering College, Kalimati, Kathmandu
  3. Advanced College of Engineering and Management, Kupandol, Lalitpur
  4. National College of Engineering, Talchikhel, Lalitpur
  5. Himalaya College of Engineering, Sankhamul, Lalitpur
  6. Kathford Int’l College of Engineering and Management, Balkumari, Lalitpur
  7. Janakpur Engineering College, Subidhanagar, Kathmandu
  8. Khwopa College of Engineering, Libali, Bhaktapur
  9. Sagarmatha Engineering College, Sanepa, Lalitpur
  10. Lalitpur Engineering College, Lalitpur

The number of seats for different B.E Courses in these 10 IOE Affiliated Colleges are shown below.




IOE Constituent Colleges



Central Campus, Pulchowk Western Region Campus Eastern Region Campus Thapathali Campus
Programs Regular Paying Regular Paying Regular Paying Regular Paying
Civil 108 84 36 108 24 72 24 72
Architecture 24 24 12 36 12 36
Electrical 24 24 12 36 12 36
Electronics 24 24 12 36 12 36 12 36
Mechanical 24 24 12 36 12 36 12 36
Computer 24 24 12 36 12 36
Agriculture 12 36
Industrial 12 36
Geomatics 12 36 12 36
Total 228 204 96 288 96 288 84 252


IOE/ TU Affiliated Colleges

SN Name of College Address Program Regular Full Fee Total
1 Kantipur Engineering College Dhapakhel, Lalitpur B.E. Computer 9 87 96
B.E. Civil 9 87 96
B.E. Electronics, Comm. & Information 9 87 96
2 Kathmandu Engineering College Kalimati, Kathmandu B.E. Computer 9 87 96
B.E. Civil 9 87 96
B.E. Electronics, Comm. & Information 9 87 96
B.E. Electrical 4 44 48
B.Arch 4 44 48
3 Advanced College of Engineering & Management Kupandol, Lalitpur B.E. Computer 9 87 96
B.E. Civil 9 87 96
B.E. Electronics, Comm. & Information 9 87 96
B.Arch 4 44 48
4 National College of Engineering Talchikhel, Lalitpur B.E. Computer 4 44 48
B.E. Civil 9 87 96
B.E. Electronics, Comm. & Information 4 44 48
B.E. Electrical 4 44 48
5 Himalaya College of Engineering Sankhamul, Lalitpur B.E. Computer 4 44 48
B.E. Civil 9 87 96
B.E. Electronics, Comm. & Information 4 44 48
B.Arch 4 44 48
6 Kathford Int’l College of Engineering and Management Balkumari Lalitpur B.E. Civil 9 87 96
B.E. Electrical 4 44 48
B.E. Computer 4 44 48
7 Janakpur Engineering College Subidhanagar, Ktm B.E. Computer 4 44 48
B.E. Civil 9 87 96
B.E. Electronics, Comm. & Information 4 44 48
8 Khwopa College of Engineering Libali, Bhaktapur B.E. Civil 9 87 96
B.E. Computer 4 44 48
B.E. Electrical 4 44 48
9 Sagarmatha Engineering College Sanepa, Lalitpur B.E. Civil 4 4 48
B.E. Computer 4 44 48
B.E. Electronics, Comm. & Information 4 44 48
10 Lalitpur Engineering College Lalitpur B.E. Civil 4 44 48
B.E. Computer 4 44 48
Total Seats 2304



Fee structure for IOE Constituent Campuses

The below shown fee structures are to be fulfilled at the admission time of IOE Constituent Colleges. This fee structure is for a semester.

Semester Fee For Regular Student For Full Pay Student For Foreign/International Student
Lab Fee 50 50 2000
Educational Fee 2126 32,500 1,00,000
Entry Card Fee 125 125 200
Identity Card Fee 175 175 175
Student Union Fee 10 10 20
Library Fee 37.50 37.50 1500
Sports Fee 15 15 100
Exam Fee 400 500 2000
Exam Center Fee 100 100 100
Exam Form Fee 100 100 100
Student Welfare Fund 10 10 100
Sports Development Fund 25 25 25
Internet Service Fee 300 300 400
T.U. Registration Fee 600
Total 3573.50 34,047.50 1,07,320
Library Deposit 1200 5000 5000
Lab Deposit 500 10,000 10,000
Campus Deposit 1700 25,000 1,00,000
Total 3400 40,000 1,15,000
College Development Fund 450 600 600
Campus Maintenance Fund 450 600 600
Hostel Maintenance Fund 600 600
Total 1500 1800 1200
Grand Total 8473.50 75,847.50 2,23,520


Fee Structure for IOE/ TU Affiliated Colleges

Since these are private colleges, there is no fixed cost for IOE Affiliated Colleges. The fee structure for these vary according to the college, but normally varies or lies between 6 to 9 lakhs.

  1. Khwopa College of Engineering

The fee structure for different B.E courses in Khwopa College of Engineering is shown below:

Program Years Enrollment Capacity Total Fee
B. Architecture 5 48 8,43,950
BE Civil 4 96 6,75,160 *
BE Computer 4 48 6,75,160
BE Electronics & Communication 4 48 6,75,160
ME Earthquake 2 20 2,88,750
MSc Urban Design & Conservation 2 20 2,88,750


Additional NRs. 20,000 will be charged for the survey camp.


  1. Janakpur Engineering College

B.E/ B.Tech, 4 years duration, fee structure – approximate 8 to 18 Lakhs.

  1. Sagarmatha Engineering College
Course Duration Fee Structure
B.E/ B. Tech 4 Years Approx. 8 to 15 Lakhs
B. Arch 4 Years Approx. 8 to 15 Lakhs



After getting the IOE Entrance Ranks, when you go for the admission procedure, you have to fill up an admission form. In this admission form, you will mention the B.E Courses on basis of your priority. For example, a student who has passed IOE Entrance Exam in scholarship wants to join Civil Engineering. But if the chances of him getting into this course become low then, he can go for Mechanical in second and again place computer in third place. So, he will place Civil, Mechanical and Computer for his priority list.

As mentioned above, just by passing the IOE Entrance exam you cannot join the course you desire. So, one has to keep multiple options as in above example.


  1. Let, X and Y be two IOE Entrance passed students. X’s IOE Entrance Rank is 50 and Y’s Rank is 190. In their Admission form, both fill the same B.E courses in Priority Order. i.e. 1. Civil Engineering 2. Mechanical Engineering. Here, according to their IOE Entrance Ranks i.e. the merit list, X is nominated for Civil Engineering and Y for Mechanical Engineering.


  1. Students ranking higher than 100 do not have full guarantee for joining in their desired course.

For example, the IOE Entrance Rank of A and B are 160 and 210 respectively. Both of them want to be enrolled in Civil Engineering.

Priority order of A is:

  1. Civil Engineering (regular)
  2. Computer Engineering (regular)

Priority order of B is:

  1. Civil Engineering (regular)
  2. Civil Engineering (paying)
  3. Computer Engineering (regular)


Here, even if A’s IOE Entrance Rank is higher, B can be nominated Civil Engineering (paying). This is because A’s rank mayn’t be enough for getting full scholarship on B.E Civil Engineering Course. But if A had applied for Civil Engineering (paying), his chances would be high for getting enrolled in Civil Engineering. You should know that you will be eligible only for the courses you have filled up in the Admission Form.


  1. Between a female student with IOE Entrance Rank above 1000 and a male student with IOE Entrance Rank 800, the chance of getting admission is high for the female student. This is because of the ladies reserved seats (quota) in IOE. So, girls are suggested to apply for admission in IOE constituent and Affiliated Colleges despite of low IOE Entrance Ranks.




The application charges for the admission in IOE Constituent Colleges and IOE Affiliated Colleges differ according to the colleges, but it usually ranges between NRs. 500 to 1000.




Some of the students after getting the IOE Entrance Rank and then finishing the 1st Admission Process, will be listed in the 1st Admission List. And within certain days, they need to continue the further admission process. If not done or they fail to continue the Admission process then, their admission will be rejected.

These empty slots or seats can be then filled by other students listed in the Waiting List which is in the next Admission List. So, all students are suggested to be committed and patient and keep continuing until the last admission process or the last Admission list. The course in which the students in the Waiting List are enrolled will be according to the course priority order they filled in the admission form.



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