how to achieve target in business

There was a British cycle company that was providing cycles to cycling teams for racing in world level games. After some time, that cycling team started failing to win games. Because of that reason, the cycle company had stopped providing them cycles for racing. The other reason was to preserve their cycle company prestige in the market. Bicycle sales went down.

* target in business

After those incidents, the British cycle company hired “Daye Brails Ford” as CEO. He implemented the theory of “Aggregation of marginal change”, which means he started to change in the design of every small thing in the cycle by 1%. He changes seat, chain, clothes fabric, even cycling teams sleeping bed design and materials so that they could feel comfortable in all aspects. These changes brought massive success to cycling teams. Those teams won many gold medals and world champions trophies in the Olympic Games.

To achieve goals of this level, Daye said, just creating goals and not working for it won’t be fruitful. But it is important to work for goals and work in a systematic manner.
Example: suppose one person created a goal to become a muscular bodybuilder but didn’t work for that in a systematic manner. At the same time, another person created a goal and started following the system to achieve the goal. Who will be a success? The second person will achieve success.

People follow two ways to achieve goals.
One is through setting outcome goals and another is through setting identity-based goals.
For example, A personal with outcomes-based goal setting will say I am trying to leave smoking, whereas, an identity-based goal set person say I am not a smoker if someone offers cigarettes to both of them.

Everyone wants to achieve their goal but they don’t want to change their identity and belief. Whatever you will do such as writing, leadership, actions, etc all influence your identity. That’s why you need to change your behavior depending on what kind of person you want to become in the future. You have to act accordingly to that, you have to dress accordingly anywhere you go.

To bring this change, you need to develop habits of Cue, Craving, and Response. These habits will reward you great success. In simple words, to achieve a goal and to be a success; you need to make Cue visible. (Cue: habit to keep work in the queue, not to start). Craving habits should make visible, Responsive habits should be made easy and rewards should be made satisfying to self.

To achieve a goal and satisfy yourself, it is necessary to put more effort into the proper systematic path that you are following. Example: Playing tennis with a mediocre player will make you more easily. But when you play tennis with tennis players like Roger Feeders and Selena Willam, you will face little difficulties in starting. But after sometimes and months you will start enjoying and progressing to become good players like them.

So get ready and concentrate to increase your growth by at least 1% daily. Soon you will find yourself in a better position and very close to your goals. The marginal theory has helped many peoples in achieving their targeted goals through their systematic working habits for success.

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