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Form the past few years, blogging has become very famous among peoples. Everyone is talking about blogging and associating blogging as a source of earnings. Let’s read.

What actually blogging mean?

Blogging is an activity of writing content in specific fields/ niches.

Niche is a word used in bogging to specify a class or category.
Example: cooking, gaming, business, career, digital marketing, engineering, and etc. Blogging is performed on websites and on the blogsite.

A website is something that is mainly created by any business organization or any government agency for providing information on their organization.
But, Blog is mainly created for personal uses. A blog may or may not be associated with any business or any organization. A blog is used for writing and sharing content on several categories. If anyone wants, then he can create a website and include an additional page with a name “blog” and can write and share content the same as blogs. It is preferable to create anyone with one domain name.

Now, what is domain name?
Domain name is a name that people search in browser to reach into your blog or on website.
Example: | | |
Now, what is .com, .net, .in, .co, .edu, etc. These are said to be domain extension. .com is very popular domain extension. .in, .np, .au, .us, .au etc are country specific domain extensions. Anyone can select domain extension based on their need. In general, it is good to choose .com; because it easy to remember and can bring more traffic on a blog or a website.

The next is Hosting.
Hosting is a company that manages our blog or website data. The hosting company takes care of all important supports needed for us during any time. A best hosting company will help you a lot if your website will get hacked. The hosting company takes care of speed data transfers from servers to your computer so that your blog can upload fast enough. A slow blog or website can create a negative image in visitors minds. A server is a location where our data are stored and transferred. It is good to choose the nearest server for our blog or websites.

Once after you have bought domain and hosting, you are now ready to create your own website or a blog.
But, we have missed the most important thing here. We didn’t discuss how people are “earning from blogs and websites”. It is very simple. A lot of peoples are earning from Google Ad-sense and those who have become expert in blogging, they are earning from affiliate marketing and product selling.

Google Adsense: This is a program by Google company to pay money to people who helps Google in showing their advertisements’.

Affiliate marketing: This is a referral program launched by many companies. In this program, a person has to promote the products of affiliate companies. If the product will be sold, a person will get some commission.

Product selling: Some person creates a blog or a website, and writes about his product and share with peoples. If anyone will buy, he will get money. This is just like online business. Selling your products online like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Alibaba, Ebay, Walmart and etc.

Now, we learn in a practical way how to create a website or a blog

1. Buy a domain and hosting ( Hostinger Is Best For Nepal And India Because Server Lies In India) So very fast speed
Go to in google browser >Do Sign In>> Go to claim domain >> type domain name and check its availability >> if available continue >> choose hosting plan as per need>>Make Sure To Buy Long Duration Plan For More Discount Rates >> BILLING SECTION>>Enter your Name, Address, Phone number, gmail id and etc properly >> ENTER COUPON CODE:1SUBHAMKUMA31   >>Select Payment Method>> Pay Now >> A bill will be generated and will be sent to our email from which you have purchased hostinger plan.

2. After payment, you will receive payment confirmation, account login detail, and Cpanel username and password login details in your Gmail account inbox from     >>save this email safely at any location.

3. Check all the inbox >> see the username and Cpanel password email >> see they have provided a link below Cpanel password >> open the link in new tab >> hPanel login dashboard appear >> enter the same username and password from your email .i.e. copy that username and password and paste it and click login.

4. Your hpanel dashboard will now appear >> scroll below >> you will see a WordPress icon W in circle >> click and install

5. After installing WordPress click on it >> you will see WordPress login box appears >> enter the same username, for a password you can choose your own and login >> WordPress dashboard appears >> whatever you are seeing are the tools that you are going to use to create your website or a blog.

6. See top left corner >> click home >> right-click visit site >> open in new tab

7. Come back to WordPress dashboard >> Go to appearance >> add theme >> add new >> chose anyone >> if for business see which themes looks like business themes, for blog choose anyone that looks good >> to choose and activate theme >> type your domain name in new tab. See how’s your blog/website is looking now.

8. Go to dashboard >> Go to page >> create page >> write Home in title >> publish/update >> Also create Blog, Contact Us, About Us page similarly.

9. Go to setting in wordpress dashboard >> reading >> select hompage>home and post page>blog
10. Go to setting>> permalinks>> select postname >> save changes.

11. Go to setting >> general >> upload your gmail username >> save changes.

12. Go to post >> Add new >> write title say my childhood >> write some description in description area which is just below title box >> click update/publish >> you will see view post appearing just above title box >> open in new tab >> till now your website/blog is looking quite good enough. All your post are getting saved automatically in blog page that you have created.

13. Similary to edit About, Home, Contact pages >> go to pages icon >> click All pages >> click edit pages >> add description and images >> click update/publish >> see how now >> similarly you can edit all the pages.

14. To create and edit pages with the advance look and with features, we need to install plugins. Plugins are a tool that adds multiple features which do not comes with simple WordPress dashboard and editors.
Go to plugin >> Click Add new >> search Contact form >> Install and Activate

15. Go to pages >> All Pages >> right click edit contact page>> page will open in new tab >> go to contact icon >> click form >> copy code along with large bracket >> Paste in description box of page that you are editing in new opened tab >> click publish/update >> click view page >> now you will see a contact from is automatically appearing on your contact page

This is the advantage of using plugins.
Some popular plugins are Elementor for Page Editing, Rankmath for SEO, Mailchimps for email marketing, Social Share for post sharing on social media, and etc.

(By reading this article, I can assume that you have made a picture of how easy it is to create a website or any blog.)


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