jobs without degree

I want to highlight, a degree is just a piece of paper which allow you to take participate in rat race.
I am not saying there is no value of a degree, it has a value.

In reality, more than a degree, there is a value of knowledge and skills, tricks and techniques.

These jobs don’t require a college degree but require skills and knowledge in specific fields. You can earn rupees 1 lakh of money per month. But, please keep in mind, you have to become experts in that filed. Mediocre skill set person may earn somewhere about INR 30-60K rupees. Let’s explore those high paying jobs without a college degree.

1. Photography

Photography job is very demanding. You can become a wedding photographer, film photographer, Ads Creation photographers and can earn lots of money. They are some short course in photography. If you will do it from the advanced quality institute with proper practical knowledge, yes you can earn lakhs per month.

2. Modelling / Acting

Modelling is for passionate peoples who think they have high interest and passion in modelling and acting. There are short term courses in modelling and acting. Once you become famous in modelling and acting, you would not have to think about money.

3. Gym Trainer / Instructor

To become a gym trainer or instructor, first, it is preferable to be a muscular man or lady. In starting, you can get 15-20k salary in jobs. But later, when people start knowing you, you will start earning more than 50k per month.

4. Dancer Teacher and Music Teacher

The courage for dancing, singing and playing musical instruments is common. The teachers easily earn more than 50k per months if they got famous in the market. These teachers will also have chances to go to Bollywood and Hollywood. They can start their own institutes and can earn lots of money. You can also upload dance, singing videos on YouTube and can earn passive income from there.

5. Real Estate Agent

There is always a need for property agents in the market. If anyone needs to buy a home, sale home, or rent a home; they search property/ real estate agent. There is no investment in becoming a property agent. Only the required criteria are that you should have good contact with builders and peoples. You should be able to create your name in society that you are a property dealer. Once you are capable of selling and renting homes, you would definitely earn more than most of the jobs peoples doing nowadays.

6. Makeup Artist

You all know how much cost is a makeup service. To become a makeup artist, you need to do a short term course. You can get a job easily and can earn a good amount of money. You can start your personal beauty parlour, after getting some popularity, thereafter, you can earn more than 50k per month.

7. YouTubers

YouTube is a very good platform to earn money if you have something to show on a regular basis. The most searched website on the internet is YouTube. People are making very good money from YouTube and successfully promote=ing their offline business at the same time. YouTube is a platform that gives both name and money. So, a YouTube career is a good option for anyone who has interesting videos with them.

8. Cabin Crew Members

This profession is a very good option for anyone who wants to travel along with the world. To become a cabin crew member, it required a short term course. The salary is very good. Starting salary is around 25k plus extra allowances.

9. Commercial Pilot

This is a very good option if you have some bank balance. The starting salary is around 1 lakh plus extra allowances. As you become experienced, your salary will rise accordingly. After 12th, you can apply for the commercial pilot course.

11. Radio Jockey and Video Jockey

If you have better speaking skills, better communication, some talents you can become Radio Jockey or Video Jockey. Many opportunities are there in these filed and you can earn more than 30k per month in starting.

12. Stock Market Professionals

Stock market professional possess a better knowledge of the stock market. They are expertise in investing based on time. With their help, an investor can gain in their investments. Stock market professionals mainly earn through Percentage commission. Those who are highly expert are earning more than 1 lakh plus per month.

13. Tourism Professionals

The tourism industry was booming before Covid-19 lockdown. But during a lockdown, tourism has affected to a greater extent. Even though, after lockdown when the situation comes to normal, the tourism industry will again rise. Tourism professional earn by providing travel services to tourists. Tourism business does not need a lot of investments, but it needs proper marketing. So, we can consider it as a good opportunity sector for earning lakh of money.

14. Fashion Designing

If you will be starting your own fashion boutique, you can easily earn 1 lakh per months putting little extra effort. If you will do a job, then also you can make at least 25k per month.

15. Entrepreneurs

If you have an interest in starting your own businesses, you can become an entrepreneur. You should not focus on salary. Becoming an entrepreneur needs high passion, lots of effort and management. Many successful entrepreneurs do not have college degrees but yet they are successful entrepreneurs. Once you become a successful entrepreneur, you will be in a position to provide jobs to peoples rather than going for job search. But, very few peoples become entrepreneurs. Many people’s just think and but don’t start. Earning possibility depends upon type of business, its location and marketing strategy.

I hope you have understood the basic description and requirements of these jobs. To know more about every single job, please do research on the internet, talk to peoples who have more knowledge about the specific jobs and then choose the job which suits you on the behalf of your interest.

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