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In every engineering course, we need to design something working on software. Most of the time, the college provides training on that software. In that training, they teach us different tools that going to be used while designing any parts or any instruments or any circuits.

Some students catch what hey taught in inside campus training. But, there are also some students who didn’t understand and learned properly. Some students don’t have laptops or desktop at that training time for practicing. Because of these reasons, some might not get benefited from inside campus training. Sometimes trainers are not up to the mark. So, some students couldn’t able to catch training sessions.

What comes next?

Those students who didn’t understand the cad or any modeling software during campus training usually look for outside training institutes.

But wait..!
Do you know, these outside institutes are more likely scammers. According to my research and experience, most of the cad modeling institutes as well as software training institutes were established to earn money, rather than providing exact pieces of training and knowledge.

Many institutes in India are just useless. Some branches of CADD center training institutes are useless. They take more than INR 18000/- for diploma courses. But, in return what students will get is just a certificate that has value. But, literally, those students didn’t get knowledge. I claim reasons is their low performer and low knowledge teaching staff. In some iT training institutes, these things are common. I never recommend joining these kinds of institutes. If you are too much interested in taking cad/IT training, I suggest you do it from their best branches.

For outside training, I highly recommend doing training from these training institutes.
1. IMMTMA, Bangalore, Pune, etc
2. CPET India
3. Indian tool room and training center
4. DRDO training center
5. Central Institute of Tool Design
6. State government Institute for Cad

These Institutes take entrance exams and then take admission for various design courses ranging from 3 months to 2 years. These are popularly known for the best training. The total fee will start from INR 18000/- Placements record are also very good.

The next is private training Institutes. Some of them are CRB tech, Cad Cam guru, Cadd Center. Pune is quite a good option for better learning of this software. Before taking admissions onto any private Institutes, do research as much as possible about all Institutes. Then only take admission. Private Institutes are highly expensive. The minimum cost for 6 months of training programs is about INR 1.6 lakhs rupees.
Placement depends on the situation. But it’s rare. These Pune Institutes anyhow manage placements for few students with 2.4 lakh per annum.

If I will have to join any training Institutes, which one I will join? Any guess? The right answer is; I won’t join any Institutes among these all mention above. I will learn from YouTube videos. There are very good YouTube channels for Cad learning. Some of them are Cad Cam tutorial, Solidworks fun, Cad guru, etc. If these peoples are doing a lot of effort in providing free education, why I should join any Institutes. You may think, for the certificate it is required to join Institutes.
I recommend you, start learning cad software or iT software from YouTube. Later take online certification course from websites such as LinkedIn, Coursera, Udemy, UnAcademy, etc. which cost very minimum starting from INR 1000/

Some students used to buy online courses, think thrice before buying. Most online courses are just silly. Some offer tablets along with online courses. Please do not buy a course from them.

In any job placement, companies take a minimum of three rounds.
First is Aptitude/GK/IQ exams in which they test your all knowledge including designing and programming.
2nd round is group discussion round, in which they know your potential.

In 3rd round, HR round, they know your positive/ negative attitude and behavior. They will find out whether you have the knowledge or just certificates. By taking care of all aspects, they will decide whether to give you a job or not!

  1. Some companies directly ask you to show them your skills and knowledge on computer. If you show them correctly, you will pass and get a job. If not, you will fail.

In the end, all I want to say is that “Grab knowledge from anywhere”. Knowledge is knowledge. Employers look resume and your knowledge. Once you will get selected, then only they will verify your documents and then give you a job letter after verification.
So earn knowledge genuinely from anywhere. Try to save money. If you have money, invest it. Work hard. There is nothing like work smartly. Smart workers were once hard workers.

Thanks for reading.
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