how to get a job in top automotive companies

Guide to get a job in top automotive companies

To get a job in top automotive companies ferrari especially demands engineers who have expertise in any one field. Those engineers who have a very good command of subject knowledge and software; along with good work experiences are more likely to get job in top automotive companies.

The most essential bottom line is, you need to be a super-specialist in any field of the automotive sector in order to get a job in top automotive companies or any one of these automobile giants like ferrari, mercedes, toyota, Mahindra, TATA, Eicher, Ashok Leyland etc.

To get a job in automotive companies like Mercedes Benz,Ferrari, Audi, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Ferrari, Tesla, Hyundai, Lamborghini and etc;

You must have to study only books of various subjects in engineering. You should have to focus on calculations, material science, and strength of materials, thermodynamics, and machine designing over a period of engineering studies. You should have to learn the software and should always be active for any design challenge. This will helps you a lot if any top companies arrive during campus placement.

To become a hardcore specialist in any field, follow these tips:

  • Choose a specific domain of interest. It might be manufacturing science, machine design, and strength of materials, workshop technology, or whatever. If you are financially strong, start planning for an MS. For mechanical students, Germany would be a superior choice as of the previous record, for many reasons. Another way is that, rather than spending a thousand dollars for MS, you can also plan for doing M.Tech in that same field from a reputed Institute in India. This will not outcast you from the competition either. For M.Tech, you will need GATE scores minimum 40+ for NITs and 70+ for IITs.

These eight automobile companies that include Renault Nissan, General Motors, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Rolls Royce, Toyota, Tata Motors, and Volvo were among the recruiters on the campus of IIT-M this year. NITs also have very good placement records when it comes to get a job in top automotive companies like ferrari.

  • Another way to get a job in top automotive companies is to join any small companies in starting. Gain experience in the field of your interest. Work for at 2 years in your first company and become an expert in the domain of your interest. After that apply for a job in top companies, chances will be higher by 70% in comparison to fresh graduates from top engineering colleges.

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Keep learning working in the same company. Build strong social skills with peoples inside your first company. I play a very vital role when it comes to taking glowing recommendations and referrals from your current employers. Positive glowing recommendations and referrals from your current employers can manifold the probability of getting hired by 90%.

Some peoples advise to keep switching companies so that it will help to get exposed to different environments; and helps in learning more skills. But, I strictly do not advise to change companies frequently. Instead, take time in the searching the company of your own interest and then join. And perform exceptionally so that your learning, career, and salary will get automatically increased.

Besides everything, getting a job in top automotive companies like Ferrari or BMW is not the hardest mountain to climb. People who are currently working in these top automotive companies are not super humans either, they are just like you with a little bit bigger skillset and mindset.


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