how to deal with depression and anxiety

Nowadays, depression has become very common in peoples especially in teenagers. Most of the teenagers are taking medicines to get out of depression. Let me first find out what depression is? Is it just physiological thinking or a result, of chemical imbalance inside our brain.

Depression occurs mainly because of nth steps ahead of physiological thinking without clarity, conflict, and physical actions. And also because of too many expectations. Depression is the result of a state of mind, that is thinking negatively or positively. Depression arrives when we keep on doing activities based on little fragment or knowledge of any problems without finding its root cause.

We need a holistic approach (see the complete problem) to solve any problem without depression

Sometimes, without happening anything we get into depression and mood off. For example, sometimes people got sick and rest on the bed for the past two-three days, they may start feeling physiologically depressed. Sometimes simply because of sitting without doing work lead into depression. Many people get depressed because of break up. But some even feel happy because of a breakup.

To get rid of depression, people usually go to the doctor. The doctor will prescribe the medicines, which controls and releases some chemical and molecules in the body. Because of the chemical release, people feel happy.

But do you think taking medication is a good idea to get out of depression??

No, it’s not!!

The reason why medication is not good for reducing depression or getting out of depression is that depression curative medicines mostly contain molecules that create actions in the body so that you can sleep. After sleeping, it deactivates brain thinking activity and makes you feel relax. But too much dose will ruin your sleep in the future and has many side effects. Sometimes these medicines take your mind to an over-excited mood which is dangerous. Naturally, our mind should be in normal condition to get any work done with perfection.

Therefore, to get out of depression and anxiety, we need a permanent solution. And that solution is to make the right food (Earth, Water, Air, Sky, and Fire).

Earth: If we eat nutritious food grown on earth, our body will generate positive energy, which helps in living anxiety and depression free life.

Water: If we drink pure water, our body will remain healthy and fit. Our minds will feel peace and relaxation. Whenever we drank impure water, the thoughts start coming in mind whether any diseases will catch you, whether there be any serious problem that will occur, etc. These causes depression and anxiety.

Air: Those who breathe fresh air will remain healthier and free, from cardiac and lung diseases. Their organs work properly. They remain tension free and anxiety-free. Those who live in poor air quality environments will always have a sense of reminder regarding any health issues to have occurred in the future.

Sky: Those who have shelter above his head are living happily, without depression, and with peace in their mind in comparison to those who don’t have proper shelter above their heads.

Fire: Those who are living in a good temperature climate, open environment, taking proper sunlight are happier and anxiety-free compared to those who are living in dark rooms and locations.

One more solution is that always keep doing servicing of your body and mind, clear negative thoughts, think positive, take actions, think with clear vision. You will surely get positive results and you don’t have to go into depression and anxiety.

This is how you can surely get relief from depression and anxieties.

And now onward, you may not go into depression if you strictly follow these rules.

You Can also Consult Doctor in Case of High Depression Case.

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