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Be independent after SEE

First, analyze your family background. Then think, about which family background you belong to.

Ask yourself, do you belong to a poor family, middle-class family, or a rich family?

If you are belonging to Poor families, follow this advice that I have mentioned below. I guarantee you and your family will soon upgrade to middle-class families or even to high-class families.

Let me assume, you belong to a poor family?

So, its time to wisely choose best course after SEE

If yes, then check how much difficulties are there in your family? Find out the annual total income of your family? Analyze the kind of lifestyle they are living in? Analyze whether your father, mother, brother, and sister are getting everything right now as per their wishes? Are you getting all your wishes fulfilled right now by your family? Think and analyze deeply.

I hope you have thought about it and analyzed it for some time. And you might have found Negative answers for most of the above analyzing questions.

Now ask yourself, the course in your mind will really help you in earning money as soon as you complete it? If the answer is yes, then go for that course. If the answer is No, which means you further need money for the study. Now think again, how long you would spend parent money in education?? Is that worth it? Don’t you think, your parent may go into a dilemma because of huge family expenses?

To avoid all these pressure on your family, I would like to advise you, to go for these few courses after SEE for further studies:

CMA, HA, ANM, Staff Nurse:-These are certificate and diploma level courses in the medical sector. After studying any one of these courses for 18 months, you will be qualified for working with high profile doctors as a Junior Assistant. After these courses, you can directly apply for a government job or private job in hospitals. You somehow earn a good salary and can make yourself independent and can provide relief to your family at a very early age.

ITI, Fitter, Welder, Carpenter, Auto Mechanic, Piping, HVAC, Diploma in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Electronics, Aeronautical, Hydropower, and Agriculture: – These are also similar short term certificate and diploma level courses related to the engineering sector. As you know, there is always a high demand for skillful manpower inside and outside our country. These courses will help you to earn a good salary and you can live independently and tension free by completing these any one course of 18 to 36 months after SEE or say 10th exam.

In general, if your aim is doing business or some calculation works, you can opt for 10+2 Commerce. This will also help you to get jobs after 24 months of study. But the salary will be less.

Since you are from a poor family, I would not recommend opting for 10+2 Science. It is the course whose duration is 24 months. After completion of this course, there is no specific job for you in the market. Many students study science in 10+2 only because it will help in easy qualifying Bachelor level Engineering or Medical Entrance Exams. But I have seen many students who do a gap of many years in passing the entrance exam and spent lots of money on entrance preparation classes.

As per the market, there is no use of science students until he/she completes a bachelor’s degree in any specific subject. Only after completing the bachelor level, these students start their earning careers. But the salary is the same as what the diploma students had started earning after a few years of joining their first job after diploma completion.

I highly recommend everyone to go for any diploma level course. Complete it genuinely with the best practical exposure. And then join a company related to your course of study. Work for a few years. To the side hassle, prepare for government exams, and crack it. Then leave that private job. Give chance to new diploma graduates.

After joining a government job, start preparing for a bachelor-level entrance exam, crack it; ask paid study leave from the government for 3 years. Do and complete your bachelor study. Come back and serve the government. Now along with a daily job, prepare for higher post examination. Crack it. Get into a senior position.

And keep doing the same, but now you can do anything as per your wish. Because you and your family have already jumped into a middle-class family category with a better lifestyle.

Note: If you are very genius, and if you have will power to crack each and every examination that comes into your mind, then I would suggest you go for any courses you like. But failure in any steps may put you and your family in depression and in debt.

Next, if you want to join a government job, just after SEE i.e. after10th, then you must join Entrance Preparation Classes for any one of the posts (Kharidar, Police, Junior Assistant in banks, Clerks). But it needs high dedication and passion. I would not suggest diving directly for a government job.

These positions fall under the administrative service category i.e. non-technical category. If you want to become ASI, Inspector, Section Officer, you can choose Education i.e. Arts in 10+2. This subject has no more calculations. These are theories and story-based subjects.

Most Important Note:

Till now, how you have studied does not matter a lot. But now onward, how you will study, matters a lot. Studying with a conceptual and practical based method will definitely lead you towards a bright future. In this stage i.e. after SEE, you must have to focus completely on proper learning and career building. You must have to work in a way that leads you to become an independent person at an early stage of your life.

Advice for Students Coming from Medium and Rich family?

Look, I know your family has enough money to allow you and to send you to any college you want. But since it costs money and money has some value; isn’t it OK if you also become an independent person at an early stage of your life by following the above tips? After that, you can follow the same technique that I have mentioned above for acquiring higher education or to become anything you want to become in life.

Useful Information:

Most high paying company sets higher eligibility criteria (greater than 70% marks throughout academics with no backlog history) for candidates applying for a job in their company. So, at this point, I would highly recommend you all to score as much as a high percentage in all forthcoming exams. Take participation in extracurricular activities, games, quiz competitions, projects, coding contests, etc.

This will helps you in adding points to your resume & in curriculum vitae. This will also help you to become famous in college and catching teacher eyes. At last, this will help you a lot during placement.

Placement: A session in which jobs are offered to the students, who have overwhelmed achievements mentioned in the resume, has passed the aptitude test and HR round.

I hope this post will help you in making a decision about choosing a suitable course for you after SEE exams.

Please share if you find it useful. Sharing will be treated as a contribution to my work. Thank you.

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