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A proper guide regarding how to get core jobs in Suzuki motorcycle manufacturing plant, Kherki Dhaula, Gurgaon is briefly explained in a few lines;

This post is for those engineers who didn’t get placed in campus recruitment. In this post, I will be describing the steps for working in a core mechanical company through a third party contractor.

Let’s Start.

  • Most students initially keep searching jobs on different websites like Naukri, Indeed, Shine, etc. (most job posts are fake)
  • They keep on applying but they won’t get any response. It’s because most of the job posts are for advertisements. And many are posted by fake job consultancies.
  • Few students move to consultancies. Consultancies ask money saying they will give core jobs. They talk in the manner that they have many partner links and connections with HR.
  • But the true fact is they don’t have any direct link with HR. They have a link with Thekedar (Moderator)

No one can stop you to get core jobsss in Suzuki motorcycle manufacturing plant

  • Thekedar is a person who has a direct link with HR. He is the person whom you should contact.. but, where to find him?
  • To get in a company, don’t pay any penny to any Consultancies.
  • Just go and visit the automobile industry you want to work in. Ask with some employees about Manpower/Thekedar contact number.
  • Call him and say I want to join this company.
  • He will call you back and make you attend the interview. You will be placed. The salary depends on your performance in the interview.
  • This Thekedar will not take any money from you.

It is very easy to get core jobs in Suzuki motorcycle manufacturing plant

 To get a core job in Suzuki motorcycle manufacturing plant or in any automobile companies, this is only a real process.

  • Then now one step becomes simple. Now the same process.. that is Thekedar help. Without any Consultancy fee. Job guaranteed.
  • Salary range 15K to 20k for graduates and But, you must have excellent communication skills. If you know the Japanese language, you may get a direct salary range of 30k above because many Suzuki is a Japanese company.
  • You are not allowed to show a Btech degree in your resume. Instead, you need to prepare any BSc or BA degree resume.
  • The reason is that they think Btech graduates won’t last more than 2 months in this jobs. Because of its Spare Parts Handling, Motorcycle Assembling, and Maintaining Job.
A proper guide regarding how to get core jobs in Suzuki motorcycle manufacturing plant
  • In Gurgaon, Noida, New Delhi workers are recruited in the same ways.
  • Companies like Maruti Suzuki, Bajaj, Hero, Jbm, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Flipkart, Amazon, etc.
A proper guide regarding how to get core jobs in Suzuki motorcycle manufacturing plant

Note: These jobs are non-technical but in core companies. You have to lead the workers and follow senior instructions. Through this job, if you are able to create a connection with HR, then you probably get a chance to work in the core mechanical engineering sector.

Take this job as a living expense covering job. Most engineers join and leave after 2 months. Overall facilities are the same as any other senior employees. But, I recommend not to join any company immediately after graduation without interest.

To get a perfect technical job position, where your exact knowledge applies; it takes at least 3 months’ time. In these 3 months, you have to keep on checking vacancies and walk-in interviews. After a good try, you may get a good job of your interest.

Your lifestyle will be similar to the working class if you join the above non-technical job.

Room rent: INR 4000, Food one time: INR 50-100, On time five-star food given in company whether it be Suzuki, Hero, Bajaj, Maruti Suzuki Manesar, Honda or JBM. Living single in this area feels very hypnotic. If you have fear of living alone, I won’t recommend you to join a job here in this much salary. Better try near MG Road, Huda City Gurgaon which is close to these companies. Or. try in Noida sector 2, 15, 18, and in 62. Or in New Delhi Industrial Area side.

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