draw a perfect circle

It is a very interesting topic when anybody talks about drawing a perfect circle.  From childhood, we have been watching our teachers drawing circles on copies and on blackboards.

As students, we have also drawn circles many times in the classroom and in exams. But most of the time, we were failed to draw a perfect circle as drawn by a compass.

Today, I am giving you very few tips, to make perfect circles. If you try it for 2 to 3 days, you will guarantee to be able to draw circles with perfection.

Let’s read the tips now!!

1. Take a copy, pen or pencil

2. Hold a pen as you hold on a regular basis.

3. Point your pen just 1 inch below the top left corner of your copy.

4. Ensure that your palm is fixed to surface on which you will be writing, and also ensure only your fingers and thumb are moving, and getting fold and unfold.

5. Now, slowly start making small circles. Give more time while drawing it.

6. Keep drawing slowly, one and another circle.. and also keep increasing the size of next circles.

7. Try different speeds for drawing circles and compare results.

8. You will notice that drawing a circle with slower speed and smaller size has helped you in making very good bigger circles.

9. Keep practicing, you will surely end becoming a perfectionist in drawing circles.

10. Once you become a perfectionist in drawing circles on paper, you will also soon becoming a perfectionist in drawing circles on board.

11. Onboard, it is required to hold a pen or pen on top end rather than bottom or to the lower end position as we normally hold while writing.

12. To draw bigger circles on board, you can use a rope.

13. Consider one point as a center on a board, then press one end of a rope to that center, and tier other ends with chalk. Hold chalk and rotate 360°. You will get perfect circles. You can also use other geometrical instruments such as compass and round protectors.

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